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    More than just a garment, clothes are a tool.

    Ancillary to daily activity, the purpose of design is to enhance the functionality of these tools.

    As these tools transform and adapt with wear, they in turn personalize each individual's style.

    It is this style that is the essence of fashion.

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meanswhile 3 Layer Detachable Anorak OP MW-JKT20205

¥ 79,200 税込

meanswhile Loop Zip MA-1 MW-JKT20209

¥ 57,200 税込

meanswhile Retro Fleece Melton B3 MW-JKT20211

¥ 85,800 税込

meanswhile Pile Function Hoodie CT20206

¥ 30,800 税込

meanswhile Crack Sweat Shirts CT20205

¥ 23,100 税込

meanswhile Denim Drizzler Jacket MW-JKT20107

¥ 37,400 税込

meanswhile Suede Popper SH MW-SH20205

¥ 28,600 税込

meanswhile Twill Knit Half Zip MW-CT20204

¥ 19,800 税込

meanswhile Glen Check SH MW-SH20201

¥ 33,000 税込

meanswhile Imperial Poplin Packable SH MW-SH20204

¥ 33,000 税込

meanswhile Imperial Poplin Packable SH MW-SH20203

¥ 30,800 税込

meanswhile Imperial Poplin SH MW-SH20102

¥ 28,600 税込

meanswhile Imperial Poplin S/S MW-SH20107

¥ 26,400 税込

meanswhile Wrap PT×Dickies® MW-PT20201

¥ 23,100 税込

meanswhile Denim Wrap PT MW-PT20104

¥ 24,200 税込

meanswhile Rubber Cloth Popper PT MW-PT20203

¥ 25,300 税込

meanswhile Retro Fleece Melton Jet Cap MW-HT20202

¥ 13,200 税込

meanswhile Dress Flannel Fisherman Cap MW-HT20205

¥ 8,800 税込

meanswhile Activist Mesh Fisherman Cap MW-HT20204

¥ 8,800 税込

meanswhile Activist Mesh Neck Warmer MW-AC20219

¥ 8,580 税込

meanswhile Slit Knit Unit Stole MW-KT20202

¥ 44,000 税込

meanswhile X-Pac “RAD” x master-piece MW-AC20216

¥ 72,600 税込

meanswhile PVC Canvas “Retrofitted” MW-AC20208

¥ 19,800 税込

meanswhile X-Pac™/Spectra® “Retrofitted” MW-AC20112

¥ 19,800 税込
24件中 1-24件表示